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Inclusivity Wins!

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

In the weeks between Christmas Eve and Valentine’s Day, around 40% of all marriage proposals take place. With the UK’s biggest proposal day fast approaching, wedding suppliers are inspiring couples with an alarming amount of choice to make their day special, unique and personal. Unlike in previous years, when couples believed the only choice was between a religious or civil ceremony, brides and grooms are realizing that they can make their ceremony as unique and fabulous as the rest of their day. Humanist wedding ceremonies are increasingly in demand and it’s not just because they are creative, meaningful and religion-free. They are bespoke, highly personalized and extremely inclusive.

Photo courtesy of Duncan McCall Photography, wedding photographer based in Newcastle, who took this beautiful photo of Hester and Joe at Swinton Estate, Masham after their humanist ceremony, summer 2019.

A humanist celebrant will place the couple and their values at the very heart of their bespoke script - turning the modern wedding day on its head by surprising and delighting guests. A carefully crafted, meaningful and engaging ceremony - whose content has been led by the couple and written specifically for them by a humanist celebrant - starts the wedding day with sincerity, laughter, tears, beautiful word-smithing, storytelling, unique vows, meaning, rituals, and a huge buzz to kickstart the party!

As well as traditional aspects such as vows, a ring exchange and a certificate signing, couples have the choice of including symbolic acts inspired by a whole world of wedding customs. Click here for more information on wedding ceremony traditions and rituals.

Diversities United

The world has become smaller and our lives are richer for it. Most weddings – however grand, boho, traditional, large or intimate – will include couples and their friends, families, colleagues and acquaintances with diverse backgrounds, cultures, ages, genders, religious beliefs, sexual orientations, genders, family situations, personal situations, and lives in general. Humanist celebrants love people and their stories. We embrace diversity and we accept and celebrate every human’s differences. Read my post on diversity and inclusion on the Humanist Ceremonies wedding blog site!

Photo by Sira Studio

Who chooses a humanist ceremony?

Because humanist weddings are so inclusive, they're perfect for anyone who wants to have a meaningful wedding ceremony - regardless of culture or religion. Everyone can follow, join in with and enjoy the proceedings. And whatever your situation, we can include children, friends, family and even pets in the ceremony! Love wins. Humanist weddings are for everyone.

Photo by Sira Studio, photographer based in Harrogate at Helena and Ollie's intimate wedding ceremony, where there were 5 pugs and 5 guests! We involved two of their cheeky pups in a reading!


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