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Examples of Vows and Promises

There are several ways of saying vows, commitments or promises.

What matters most is agreeing what is most important to you as a couple,

meaning what you say, and feeling comfortable with how it's said.  


I can guide you through the whole process, both in writing the vows and delivering them on the day.

You can be solemn, sentimental and romantic. You can stick to tradition.

You can also raise a smile or a laugh.


There are no rules with a humanist wedding. You do you. And I can help you.

Here are a few examples, but I can give you more guidance when we meet!

Click PLAY on the video highlights of Nicole and Alex's wedding ceremony to hear their secret letters.

wedding vows in a humanist wedding ceremony, Yorkshire. Celebrant: Rachael Meyer, Harrogate

"The ceremony was personalised , unique and beautiful .

100% all the guests loved it and I’m so glad I chose Rachael. I would time and time again and I would recommend her to anyone"


Emma and Charlie, Bolton Castle, 2021

Reading vows to each other:

John: "Lucy, you have taught me the meaning of true love. You're my shoulder to lean on, the chaos to my calm; my best friend, my partner in crime and I hope that some day you will be the mother of my children and the co-owner of at least one dog.


I want nothing more than to grow old with you. You are so beautiful but that's not why I fell in love with you.  I fell in love you you for a million reasons, and I vow to love and support you, to be loyal to you, to make you laugh, and to be the one you can rely upon forever."

Lucy: "John, I love you and your enthusiasm for our future, your compassion for other people and your spirit of adventure.  I want to share all of life's triumphs, decisions and challenges with you and I will go anywhere with you, even if it means I have to watch football sometimes..


You take my breath away - not just because you are handsome, but because when I watch you being  kind to people and animals I know there is no-one else I would like to share a family with.  I realised you were 'the one' within days of meeting you. I love you now and I vow to love you, to be faithful to you, to support your dreams and to be your best friend for as long as we live."

For advice on how to start writing your secret letters, and to see more examples, read my guidelines here. 


Answering Questions: ("I Do/I Will"

Celebrant: "Will you love Lucy and be her family through triumph and sorrow?"

John:          "I will"

Celebrant:  "Do you promise to encourage Lucy to grow and change, and to be supportive of                             her dreams?"


John:            "I do".



Celebrant:   "Lucy, will you build a life with John, and share all your joys and sorrows                        

with him?

Lucy:             "I will".


Celebrant:    "If you together have children, do you accept the commitment this requires to work                        together to nurture and guide them to maturity?"

Lucy:             "I do".


Repeat after me, line by line - together or separately


Celebrant:   "John please take Lucy's hands and repeat after me: I vow to be faithful to you in                            health and sickness, during times of want and plenty?""


Celebrant:    "Lucy, please look at John and repeat after me: I will make sure there's always wine in the rack, and I promise we can have a dog some day."

Duncan McCall Photography
Stevie Jay Photography
Ray Sawyer - Sawyer and Sawyer Photography
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Sharing the first kiss at a humanist wedding ceremony
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