Symbolic Acts and Wedding Rituals

Everybody loves a symbolic act at a wedding. Whether you choose one, two or more, rituals are a visually and emotionally rewarding piece of the picture that represents commitment. From exchanging rings to lighting unity candles, handfasting and warming of an oath stone ceremonies, we can include anything you like and I have plenty of ideas! Having more than one can be a good idea if you want to involve children or give an important role to other members of your family and friends. Here are some of my favourites, but we can even make one up, to reflect your style and your wishes!

  • Exchange of rings 

  • Warming of rings

  • Hand fasting

  • Sand mixing

  • Tree planting

  • Cake cutting ceremony

  • Flower ceremony

  • Seven blessings

  • Oath stones

  • Wine box ceremony

  • Drinking from a loving cup

  • Signing a certificate

  • Lighting a unity candle

  • Lighting a remembrance candle

  • Jumping the broom

  • Glass smashing

  • Exchange of garlands

  • Exchange of other gift




















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