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You should also consider voice amplification if your ceremony space requires it. I usually recommend mics for over 80 guests, if the space is large or in outdoor ceremonies with over 50 guests.

For these situations, you will need wireless mics, with a PA system that can take one or two microphones, plus the facility to play music to a large audience. Don't rely on Bluetooth with your personal music player - I have seen this go wrong on several occasions! Don't panic - I have a PRO audio system (pictured) that I can use indoors and outdoors. It has a huge battery so no plug sockets needed, and has inputs for guitars, keyboards, 2 x mics and an Aux cable for music players. All free to use within my fee.

There is no right or wrong music choice for a humanist wedding ceremony. 

Music can be used to set the scene and create emotion at the beginning of a ceremony, and as a joyful finalé as you stride back down the aisle together to greet your guests and start the party. But you can use music in other parts of your ceremony too.

If you can stretch to it, do consider a live musician for your ceremony - acoustic or otherwise. Singers, pianists, guitar players, violinists, jazz trios, orchestras, brass bands or DJs do create a very special ambience and professional musicians are great to work with, especially if we want to get super creative in the ceremony.

The alternative is using a PA system with a playlist on your (or my) phone. You'll need appoint someone to operate the music unless the event coordinator can do this.. 

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PA system.png

Here are my all time favourite pieces of music, original songs, covers, instrumentals, ballads and indie songs for a wedding ceremony.

Click through to my Spotify playlist!


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