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My ceremony style

Rachel Meyer, humanist celebrant, Harrogate, Yorkshire
LGBTQ wedding at Deepdale Barn. Celebrant: Rachael Meyer

With a background in PR and writing, corporate event management, photography and video production, I’m a natural storyteller, a lover of people, a stickler for creativity and detail and I'm smiley and pretty unflappable, so I've been told that I'm a very calming influence in what can be a stressful build up to a wedding.

I’m a humanist by nature but I do like including visual, meaningful, non-religious symbolic acts and readings from other cultures and religions into my ceremonies – and I enjoy working with couples to create new ones! I have lots of ideas, but am open to anything - so just ask! 

I love diversity in people, Everyone is unique and every single couple I meet have such powerful stories that can be woven into their script - with positivity, romance, some light hearted touches and a wealth of emotion and significance. So much goes into planning  a wedding day and I really believe that a personal and memorable wedding ceremony should be the beating heart of it.

humanist wedding ceremony at The Red Lion, Burnsall.
2024.03.09 Emma & Rich - Sam Chipman Photography-19_websize.jpg


Being a celebrant means that I get to  meet couples for at least a couple of hours to plan their ceremony, hear their stories, learn about their lives, chat through ideas, and really get to know them.  I relish the challenge of crafting a completely unique script every time, with a perfect flow to ensure laughter, wonder and tears of joy. Whether you're into Spiderman, Game of Thrones, Disney, Maya Angelou, Charles Bekowski, opera or thrash metal, football, travelling, your career, mindfulness, dogs, cars or theatre, each ceremony reflects a couple perfectly. (I also love getting great feedback about that!)

Each and every ceremony is completely different. We work out what yours will look like during our meeting! Anything goes. You can make it as simple or complicated as you like!

  • Hayley and Paul incorporated a sand blending ceremony that included their parents and step parents, secret letters, an exchange of rings and a handfasting/tying of the knot ceremony that included all their bridesmaids and groomsmen. Watch their highlights video above! Video by Christopher Oxley at Signature Films

  • Becky and Abi  had their friends sing and play them down the aisle - 2 bridal entrances with both sets of parents. And they said their vows holding an oath stone.

  • Suneet and Gurneet chose to have a humanist wedding ceremony as well as the traditional Sikh celebrations. A real hybrid wedding ceremony that finished with shots of the finest whisky!

  • Sheila and Dan had their guests warm their rings before the vows were said.

  • Kylie and Lisa  had a sing-a-long and a hand fasting as a finale at their outdoor wedfest ceremony.

  • Rachel and Hiroto incorporated Japanese traditions, readings and vows into their humanist wedding ceremony

  • Bobbie and Alejandro had a woodland faerie story about a prince and his bride, written and read by Bobbie's dad, to open the ceremony. They wanted a truly magical, lyrical and inclusive ceremony and they got it! Alejandro's dad spoke to them in Spanish, which was fabulous. They lit a unity candle to unite them and their families and they had 4 friends bring organic objects to an 'altar' to represent family history and all the seasons in their marriage.

  • Helen and Ollie had their five pugs and an oath stone ceremony at their intimate pub wedding, and all guests signed their certificate. Watch their video here

  • Pete and his groomsmen danced down the aisle before the entrance of the bridal party in front of 120 people,

  • Emma and Rich lit a unity candle with their children, to represent the blending of their family.

  • Susanne and Craig had a very simple ceremony, with a toned down love story, some "I do's" and just an exchange of rings.

  • Crystal and Steve had seven friends participate in the most beautiful flower ceremony and Amy and Pete had a loving cup ceremony as their final toast before they walked back down the aisle amongst their guests! Each couple is unique. Each ceremony is different and wonderful!

  • Steph and Matt and their children blended different coloured sand to represent their permanent binding as a family.

  • Adele and Jez were married by a Rabbi 20 years ago. They chose to mark 20 years of marriage with a party and a humanist ceremony. As well as recounting their story and showing their gratitude to their friends and family, we included an adapted (secular) Jewish blessing for their dads to read between them, and a traditional glass smashing to end their ceremony.

Exchanging rings in a humanist wedding ceremony at Wharfedale Grange, Yorkshire
Humanist wedding at Howsham Hall. Celebrant: Rachael Meyer
A unity candle lighting in a humanist wedding ceremony at Wharfedale Grange, Yorkshire
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