My credentials!

I am a wedding celebrant, accredited with Humanists UK, the only UK charity representing the needs and rights of non-religious people in this country. I am also a mentor of new trainees.


After a careful and lengthy selection process, trainees and celebrants undergo rigorous training to ensure an excellent standard of service. 

Humanists UK has been awarded the OCN London Quality Mark, a nationally recognised award for organisations that provide the highest standards of training and learning opportunities. The Quality Mark certifies the high quality of Humanists UK training provision in ceremonies, pastoral support and school speaking. OCN London is a national non-profit organisation dedicated to improving people's lives through learning. 

The Quality Mark was awarded without a single recommendation for change or improvement.

Following accreditation, celebrants are required to continue with their development of skills and knowledge through attending regional and national seminars, workshops and conventions, in addition to self directed learning.


Accredited celebrants are a network of like-minded professionals who support and work alongside each other.


Our services are covered by professional indemnity and public liability insurance. 

All accredited celebrants pay quarterly fees to Humanists UK in order to help support the charity and its causes and campaigns; its training programme and the excellent work of the celebrant network. 

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