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"We had previously used a humanist celebrant for another occasion, so we had experience of the dedication and professionalism we could expect. We cast our net, so to speak, far and wide and had a reply from Rachael who is close to us, based in Harrogate.

We had an initial phone call with Rachael, to try and size her up as the person to marry us on our special day, her personality shone through, she talked a lot about ideas, and most importantly, listened to what we had said. She sent us some basic fact-finding questions over email and then we arranged to meet Rachael at our wedding venue a week or so later.

We penned in an hour to get to know our celebrant and for our celebrant to get to know us. We massively underestimated the lengths and time Rachael would go to, to understand her clients. Three hours later we had to part ways, our jaws aching and smiles beaming, we knew we had a great celebrant.

After a few weeks, Rachael came back to us with a drafted script, we were astonished at how much of the conversation she had taken in, how much of our personalities she had captured and how ‘us’ the whole ceremony had developed to become. To say we were excited would be an understatement. We had some minor alterations to make with some of the wording, but largely the script was perfect from the off.

Rachael made multiple suggestions for the day, each suggestion added to the occasion, it wasn’t the grandness of an occasion she was adding to, it was the personality – we were getting married, outdoors, in a clearing in a woodland, everything she was involved in was so heavily considered by her.

In the days leading up to the wedding, the weather was becoming gloomy, the rain was forecast and a yellow weather warning was issued. Rachael contacted us and asked if she could help out and ensure the venue had thought of everything, she duly spoke to the venue and took some of the weight off our shoulders. 

The day of the wedding, rain poured into the woodland, Rachael arrived, she immediately started checking the ceremony location, liaising with the venue staff, spoke to the friends who were being involved in the ceremony and most of all made the groom feel relaxed.

With an hour or so to go before the big moment, it was evident that the location where we were to get married was going to be a washout. Practical and adaptable, Rachael and the venue staff changed the ceremony location and helped with the reorganisation of the ceremony area whilst still managing to keep the groom relaxed and smiling. A lovely text to the bride assured here that everything was under control.

When the time came for Rachael to do her main event, it couldn’t have gone any better. All the stories were poignant and funny, the ceremony was involving, the laughter and love flowed, and each section of the program flowed into the next. The delivery of the ceremony was professional beyond words. The bride and groom both loved the occasion, as expected, but even more impressive was the reaction from our friends and family.  

So many compliments to what was in effect a 40-minute service about two people in love, we had stories, we had a ring warming, we had secret words, we had a sunflower ceremony, we had smiles, laughter, a few tears and we had a lot of rain. But everything was perfect, we wouldn’t change a thing, and that’s probably a lot to do with Rachael. In the weeks up to our big day, she got to know us like a friend, which is what we’d like to see her remain.

We would wholeheartedly recommend Rachael to bring the ‘A Game’ to any occasion, we thank her from our hearts for a most special part of our wedding day."


thanks again for making such a big impact on our special day: Steve, Crystal & Bump Bump




"Where to begin?! Rachael was an integral part of making our wedding day as special as it was - from our first conversation through to saying our goodbyes at the end of our ceremony, she was warm, welcoming and truly treated us as friends rather than clients. We had a wonderful meeting with her ahead of our wedding, where we had a lot of laughs together and she created a beautiful, bespoke wedding ceremony that perfectly captured us and our story.


We received endless compliments throughout the rest of our wedding day about how the ceremony was so special, engaging and unique, with many saying it was the best they’d ever been to! There was the perfect balance of fun and laughs along with the ‘serious stuff,’ but Rachael’s ceremony set the tone for a perfect day. We are so pleased we pulled the plug on our original wedding arrangements and chose Rachael instead - she has a beautiful, poetic way with words and is so kind and considerate, she’s looked after us so well from start to finish. Just amazing!" Helen and Will, August 2019



"My wife and I started planning our wedding ceremony in early 2019. A small gathering in Yorkshire. We didn't want a religious ceremony, so we decided to look for a Humanist celebrant. My wife found many people who provided this service, but one caught our eye, so we decided to arrange a FaceTime meeting. Rachael was absolutely wonderful from start to finish. From the moment we first made contact to the actual ceremony itself, we never doubted her professionalism or her ability to deliver exactly what we were looking for.


Indeed, our expectations were exceeded many times over, and we would have no doubt in recommending her to any of our friends, or whoever may require her services. The script she wrote was exactly the right tone, and it managed to say everthing we wanted saying in front of our families. The intimate wedding we had felt really special and it will live long in everybody's memories who attended." - Matthew and Lisa



Where to begin, this amazing lady managed to turn our visions into reality, neither of us were great at articulating what we wanted, we were disorganised and teeny bit stressed! We met with Rachael and everything changed, she put us at ease instantly, and managed to get in to our heads to find out what we wanted seemingly effortlessly. She offered lots of advice and ideas and we left the pre-meet buzzing with excitement. Within a few days, she had written the most beautiful script and picked up on so many things that we forgot we'd discussed, she really listens and takes everything in.

What she'd written captured us and our personalities perfectly, all of our guests commented on how personal and beautiful everything was.
It was delivered in such a natural way, everyone was really engaged in this unique ceremony, it'll be remembered for years to come and not just by us.
By choosing Rachael as your celebrant, you can throw out the rule book and make a truly personal ceremony.

Rachael, Thank you so much for everything you've done for us and for making our day so special, you are incredible!! Much love, Kayleigh and Lisa x



"Currently sat drinking Prosecco in the sunshine with my new husband(!) and laughing about the roller coaster of a wedding day we had. The fact we can laugh about it is in no small part thanks to you, Rachel! From meeting us at teatime the day before, to somehow putting together our sweet, funny vows in less than 24 hours. So many people commented on how lovely the ceremony was and said that it was so personal, it was as if you had known us a long time. Couldn’t quite get my thoughts in gear on the day to say that it felt like a stroke of fate that you picked up the phone on Friday. Thanks for creating a perfect ceremony for us 🙌💕" - Laura and Alex



"There are many good celebrants, but Rachael is probably the best. As guests at a wedding a couple of years ago we first saw the delight that a humanist ceremony gives to everyone present, it's a lovely thing. So, in recently planning our own wedding, a humanist ceremony was something we wanted. Looking around you'll find a sea of sameness, in a good way! Then we found Rachael, meeting up was easy and the process a breeze. What mattered most to us was the balance of love and fun Rachael created for us.


Reading the draft ceremony, which was a pitch perfect mix of emotion and laugh out loud, instantly put us at ease and also meant hardly any extra effort for us. Rachael's advantage here is her writing background, she is a gifted story writer and teller, this is the most important part of a humanist ceremony. Of course, on our big day, Rachael also deliverd it all with aplomb. 5 stars doesn't cover it, don't hesitate in speaking with Rachael. P.S. as if that wasn't wonderful enough, Rachael (well, husband Simon mostly) can multi-task, their other business is professional photography. Our photos are glorious, worth every penny!"- Kevin

Rachael was the celebrant at a recent wedding I photographed in the North Yorkshire moors. She spoke so well, touches of humour, really emphasised the love between Lisa and Kayleigh the brides. I would go as far to say it’s been my favourite ceremony to date. Rachael has left the wedding not after the ceremony but a bit later on as she soaked up the festival vibes. Once she had gone I heard lots of positive comments and remarks from guest about Rachael which showcases she left a real lasting impression on everyone. Love to work with you again Rachael and I’m sure our paths will cross - Ray Sawyer, Award-winning wedding photographer, Durham.

"Wonderful ceremony, expertly delivered!" - James

"We choose Rachael to host our humanist wedding couldn’t have make a better decision. After the legal ceremony our 40 strong wedding party retired to a pub in for the reception. We decided to hold the humanist ceremony after the evening guests had arrived. Rachael did such a good job of telling our story! She’s a lovely person that makes you feel completely as ease and the speech that she created was warm, funny and very romantic.


The experience was really enjoyable. Meeting Rachael and being interviewed was like meeting an old friend and she made it really fun. We had plenty of time to review the words without pressure but Rachael made sure we were on track with timings. When planning we met Rachael at the venue and as she has a background in events she was able to liaise with the venue on the finer details to make sure that everything ran smoothly.


Rachael and her husband also did our photography, this made the whole process really convenient, it limited the amount of different suppliers we had to deal with, and they had a really good understanding of how we wanted the day to work. The ceremony itself was a real treat. We had kept it a secret from our guests so to see a sea of faces smiling as Rachael spoke was lovely. We have had so many fantastic responses about the evening, the evening guests really felt they had played a part in our day as many were mentioned in the ceremony.


I also appreciated receiving the folder with all of the ceremony detail in afterwards. It is a really lovely touch. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Rachael, she did such a sterling job and made the planning much more enjoyable too!" Vicki

"Rachael was reassuring, positive and relaxed, always smiling, warm and engaging. Our ceremony was really well structured, with great storytelling and nice, humorous touches." - Jackie

"Rachael is a warm and engaging celebrant, who oozes sincerity." - Trevor

"Almost worth getting married again ... the lovely Rachael Meyer. Can't think of anyone nicer to conduct a beautiful wedding ceremony!" - Josy

"Rachael had the most beautiful way of bringing charm and joy to the ceremony. It felt like she really knew the couple well and was thrilled for them." - Kate

"Great volume and authority for an outside ceremony. Beautiful words." - Robert

"I couldn't imagine a nicer person to carry out ceremonies." - Sarah-Jane

"With a highly successful background in formal and creative writing (and photography/video), Rachael will use her immeasurable creativity to turn your vision into a reality, and in the most beautiful way possible. 

Accredited by Humanists UK, she clearly understands the concept of humanism, and the concept of living. What's great is that she demonstrates it by putting 100% effort into everything she does, treating everybody with kindness and respect, and accompanying all her actions with a genuine smile.

What I love most about Rachael is her positive & relaxed vibe which, when fused with her years of experience in the industry, makes her your best choice for a celebrant." - Graham

Photo by Sawyer and Sawyer Photography

Photography by Sawyer and Sawyer Photography

photo by Ben Jenkins Photography

photo by Sawyer and Sawyer Photography