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Marriage. From a Cat's Perspective

I was inspired to write this poem following a wedding ceremony planning meeting with one of my couples. They wanted to make very honest wedding promises. They didn't want to blindly promise forever because they know that a long-lasting, loving relationship is about mutual care and attention - and that what keeps couples together is love and happiness. They absolutely loved their cat. So I decided to write a poem about a life-time, two-way relationship that would be suitable to read at a wedding. A poem about marriage, from a cat's point of view.

Marriage. From a Cat's Perspective. By Rachael Meyer, Humanist Wedding Celebrant

We choose each other.

I stay because I like you. Remember this.

You are my warmth, my comfort. My provider.

You are mine. I am yours.

In the sunshine, we walk. We travel. We play.

Alert. Agile, we bask in the light.

But nothing is forever. I grace you with my presence. We watch with caution, the world. As fragile as a butterfly. And we keep one eye open for the bees, the birds.

I am wild at heart. Independent. An adventurer. With stealth and focus, I watch.

A steady gaze. A slow blink. Skilful. Hungry. Patient. Pouncing when you least suspect. I carry home my offering. Like a lion. I drop it with pride.

For you. As a symbol of my devotion.

I give you my gift of love. And you reciprocate. My affection. Your prize. We lay. Outstretched and vulnerable. We trust.

Hearts beat in time. Sometimes slow, sometimes fast.

We can relish the silence. Just us. Just breathing.

I won’t come running but I will follow. And I will fight. Arching my back and baring my teeth. Talons poised. In fear, but with bravado, I will hiss. And howl. And scratch.

To protect us. To keep us safe.

With darkening skies and gathering storms, you search for me.

You let me in. I don’t like the cold.

And when we curl up, I’m at peace. With my engine quietly purring. You tell me I’m beautiful; a good dude. And your fingers reach out to touch me. I bask in the glory.

You rile me, to make me play. And I oblige. Claws in.

Or you give me a treat.

And when I purr louder, you’re content. We are one.

You are mine. I am yours. A moment. Nothing lasts forever. Remember this. I choose not to walk alone. I choose love. I choose you.

And I will stay with you always.

Not because I have to. But because I want to.

Thank you to @amesillustrates (on Instagram) for use of this fabulous illustration


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