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Beautiful Wedding Ceremonies

Story-led and Religion-free

Rachael Meyer - Humanist Wedding Celebrant 
Fabulous, Non-Religious, Meaningful, Inclusive and Fun Wedding Ceremonies 
Covering Harrogate, Leeds, York, Skipton, North Yorkshire and The Yorkshire Dales

Whatever your story and style, however small or large your wedding, and whatever your vibe, a humanist wedding ceremony will be as unique, spectacular and memorable as the rest of your day. 


If you want to mark and celebrate your official union in a way that will have your guests on the edge of their seats, smiling, laughing and crying tears of pride and happiness, and if you want to kick off the biggest promise and the best party in your lives in a way that's totally you, read on, watch the videos - and then get in touch to have an informal chat! I can't wait to hear from you!

A humanist wedding or civil partnership ceremony is a non-religious celebration of two people who love each other so much that they want to make lifetime promises to one another in front of witnesses and guests, and then celebrate the hell out of it with a party! Each and every ceremony I write and deliver is how I think all wedding ceremonies should be - relaxed, professional, meaningful, engaging, thought-provoking, fun and absolutely about you, your relationship and your story. 


With a humanist wedding ceremony that reflects you, your life choices and your aspirations, you have the perfect platform to include all the ingredients of your dream day. Unlike a registrar-led ceremony, which tends to follow a standard script with "fill in the blanks" sections,  a humanist wedding ceremony is highly personalized and gives you much greater freedom of choice. You can set the tone, include whatever you like and have a huge input into a ceremony script that involves all your guests in your past, your present and your future. On the day, your 25-40 minute ceremony recounts your story, celebrates your promise of a lifetime of love and commitment; and begins your celebration and your onward journey in a way that nobody will forget.


It can be as traditional, off-beat, up-beat, formal, informal, quirky, high class, relaxed, public or intimate as you like. Whatever you choose, it’s a wedding ceremony that you and your guests will remember for the rest of your lives.

I write and conduct meaningful, engaging and utterly fabulous wedding ceremonies for couples everywhere in the world, who choose to get married in Harrogate, Leeds, York, Skipton, Knaresborough, Bolton Abbey, York, Thirsk, Northallerton or anywhere in North Yorkshire or the Yorkshire Dales, right up to Durham and Newcastle. You won't find any templates or preconceptions here. I come smiling, without judgement, and with eyes and ears open for your unique story. All my wedding ceremony scripts are one-offs - just like the people with whom I work.




What does a humanist wedding ceremony include?


A humanist wedding features all the usual aspects of a traditional wedding ceremony but it will be much more personal. There is always talk of love and marriage, music, maybe one or two poems or readings, sincere promises, some humour, perhaps some secret words from the heart, laughs, smiles and happy tears - a roller coaster of emotions! Click here to see what a humanist ceremony can include and some answers to FAQs, or click on the Ceremonies tab to see a collection of wedding music, non-religious wedding readings, symbolic acts and wedding vows styles. 

I can help you decide what will work best for you, or you can come armed with anything you want to include. You can invite contributions from family and friends, or I can do all the writing and all the talking! There is no standard ceremony. I work with you in any way you want!

Each and every wedding ceremony is completely different because everyone has their own unique personality, story and style. That's what I love most about humanist weddings. It's a real privilege to meet people from all walks of life, from all over the world - write their story, enable something very special to happen and be a little part of one of the best days of their lives.

SOUND ON for this highlights video of Olivia and Alex's wedding at Thirsk Lodge Barn, North Yorkshire on New Years Eve 2022, which was created by the lovely James Turner Videography. It was the first time he'd ever used the narrative from a celebrant in such a way. I was very proud that he did. Words written and spoken by Rachael Meyer, Celebrant, North Yorkshire.

Here's what my lovely bride, Olivia said, after the ceremony I delivered for her and Alex:


“We can’t thank you enough for making our wedding ceremony so wonderful. You made everything about the process so seamless and enjoyable, from our planning meeting, to sharing the script, to the perfect delivery on the day. Everyone commented on the ceremony – and said it was the perfect reflection of us both – exactly as we wanted!

You made our day extra special and we’re so glad that you were part of our love story and our singalong! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”"

What is a humanist wedding celebrant? A celebrant is the name for someone like me, who, with plenty of professional experience and oodles of passion, writes and conducts your ceremony on your wedding day. You don't have to do a thing except turn up and tell me all about you and your story. Then the magic really happens when I start writing. The only limitation is our imagination! I write your ceremony and your story. You can write your own vows, (or I can write them for you), you can choose your own symbolic act or make up your own.


Where can a humanist ceremony take place? Thanks to the freedom from legalities, humanist weddings can take place anywhere. Whether you choose to get married intimately with six guests in your own back garden or in a five star hotel with an audience of two hundred; in a woodland glade festooned with fairy lights, on a remote beach, at the festival where you met a few years ago, on the 53rd floor of a skyscraper or in your local pub; your wedding ceremony is your very own individual story, crafted with care by me, for you, and only you. 


What's so special about a humanist wedding ceremony? Every single ceremony I write and deliver is lovingly created over a few days. Each and every one is word-smithed and fuelled with feeling, romance, fun, meaning and emotion.  ​ Even though I'm pretty seasoned, with over 100 ceremonies under my belt; I'm up for every challenge and new experience that comes my way! I can guarantee that as much effort goes into your script and ceremony whether you have an elopement with just us three and a  photographer, or 250 guests in a theatre setting with an army of suppliers. Whatever your ceremony looks like, it will be spot on for you.

"Reading the draft ceremony, which was a pitch perfect mix of emotion and laugh out loud, instantly put us at ease. Rache's advantage here is her writing background, she is a gifted story writer and teller, this is the most important part of a humanist ceremony. Of course, on our big day, she also delivered it all with aplomb. 5 stars doesn't cover it, don't hesitate in speaking with Rachael. - worth every penny"

- Kevin and Vicki - Nation of Shopkeepers, Leeds wedding

Since 2019, I have delivered over 100 completely unique humanist wedding ceremonies in Yorkshire! I was very excited to be asked by BBC Look North to talk on telly about the national rise in demand for them!

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"Thank you once again for performing such a beautiful ceremony for us. When Paul and I reflect on the day, it is the part we love and talk about the most. You are like the Fairy Godmother of Ceremonies! We shared with you our story, and with a little magic and 'Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo' you made all our dreams come true! " - Hayley and Paul, Skipbridge Country Weddings, York

What's the process of booking a humanist ceremony with you?

  1. If you'd like a no obligation chat, just give me a call or send me an email - there's a contact form on the contacts page too.

  2. We can arrange a phone call or a Zoom call so you can ask me loads of questions, have a general chat through ideas, and make sure I'm the right celebrant for you! As with any celebrant led wedding ceremony, bear in mind that you'll need to do the legal part separately - there is info on my FAQs page.

  3. If you'd like to book, I ask for a £100 deposit to secure your wedding date. I only do one wedding ceremony a day so I'm totally focussed on you and your big day. No stress, no drama. At the point of booking, I send you a basic questionnaire to fill in, and we set a meeting date.

  4. Ceremonies can be complicated and it's one day of your life that needs to be perfect so the planning meeting is key. We'll need at least a couple of hours so I can really understand you and your vibe, in order to be able to reflect your banter, your story, your thoughts and your wishes. Each meeting is unique. We may need longer. then two hours. It takes however long it takes - I never set a time limit! This part is fun!

  5. After the meeting, I write and choreograph you a beautiful wedding ceremony script, and send it to you for approval , about a month before your wedding day. You can see how it's all going to work, and if you like, you can make amends (usually these are very minimal - I'm quite good at making notes and I've been writing professionally for many years)

  6.  The balance for of my fee is paid a week before the wedding day.

  7. On your wedding day itself, I arrive at the venue about an hour before the ceremony is due to begin. I print out all readings, the script, a music cue sheet for the musician or music operator. I bring my professional PA system if mics or or music from a playlist are required (no extra cost to you)

  8. I deliver your ceremony with big smiles, in a very relaxed fashion, and after it's all over, I take a couple of photos of you to add to the final presentation copy of your wedding script, which I print out and forward on to you, as a keepsake. What's not to love?

"We couldn't have chosen a better celebrant. Your words were magic"


Josh and Beth (elopement) - Swinton Park, Masham

"The way you delivered the ceremony was brilliant - I could watch you and listen to you for hours. The whole thing was both moving, insightful and funny, but the way you told their story, with all the little facial expressions and smiles, connection and pauses showcased you as a real pro. I'm a presenter and a voice coach, and I couldn't have wished for anything better." - wedding guest, Wood Hall wedding

Choosing a celebrant


As celebrant-led weddings become more popular, more and more celebrants are coming onto the scene - humanist and independent. This means there is more and more scope for you to work with a celebrant who's perfect for you! To help you decide before you pick up the phone or send me an email, here's a bit of an elevator pitch on me and what I can offer! 


In a nutshell, I've been trained by, and am accredited with human rights charity Humanists UK. I'm part of its national network of humanist celebrants, I have written and delivered over 100 unique wedding ceremonies and specialise in inclusive, multi-cultural ceremonies.


I undertake much CPD each year to keep on top of my game, I mentor and peer review other celebrants, I've written blogs for wedding industry suppliers, and my professional background is in writing, photography, video production and event management (I have studied and delivered storytelling in all ways).


Above all, I'm a people person, a story teller, I'm a big smiler and a dog and cat person. I've worked in the corporate world for many years, so am highly professional but very chilled and I have a sense of humour, I'm passionate about music and making the most out of life. I love having fun, enjoy breaking the rules and will do anything to avoid hoovering..


I have lived a little so nothing fazes me! I'm a massive advocate of romance and marriage (I've been married for nearly 30 years). I LOVE words, pictures, stories, films, gigs, live events, parties, family, friends, red wine and holidays and I especially like weddings! 

"We received endless compliments throughout our wedding day about how the ceremony was so special, engaging and unique, with many saying it was the best they’d ever been to! There was the perfect balance of fun and laughs along with the ‘serious stuff,’ but Rachael’s ceremony set the tone for a perfect day." - Helen and Will, Rudding Hall wedding, Stokesley

Unique to You, About You, For You


If you like what you see so far, but you're still a little unsure; ask yourself these questions:

Are you looking for:

  • a highly personalised wedding ceremony that includes as much love and attention to detail as the rest of your wedding day?

  • a non-religious, inclusive ceremony that will make all your guests feel part of your journey?

  • A wedding ceremony that isn't like anyone else's?

  • A wedding ceremony that can include your family and friends?

  • A meaningful script that incorporates your values?

  • A smiley, friendly, flexible, skilled and relaxed celebrant who you know; and who will make you feel entirely confident and excited about your ceremony from the outset?

  • A wedding ceremony that's not boring?

  • A wedding ceremony that has everyone giggling, laughing and crying sentimental tears of loveliness?

  • A celebrant who puts as much effort and care into your wedding ceremony as you do into your whole day?

If the answer is yes to any or all of the above, let's talk!


Please browse through the ceremonies section of my website for inspiration and ideas!

Humanist wedding ceremony at Tithe Barn, Bolton Abbey.jpeg

"Just a little note to say a HUGE thank you for making our ceremony and wedding day so special. The resounding feedback was that it was so personal and filled with love and that’s all down to you in writing such a wonderful script.


We loved your energy, happiness and smile on the day. You have a wonderful way of making everyone feel calm and relaxed. Thank you again for writing the most perfect script and for being genuinely fabulous!”


Sarah and Phil – Tithe Barn wedding, Bolton Abbey

                                                  About You


You may have been to a humanist wedding before, and decided it would be perfect for you; you may be looking for a meaningful, creative, romantic, fun and flexible alternative to a civil marriage ceremony, you may have always wanted a humanist wedding as it fits with your values, or perhaps the registrar just can't make it to the venue of your dreams on your chosen date!

You may be getting married for the first, second or third time, you may be non religious, from families with different religions or cultures, you may be of opposite sex or the same sex, you may want to include friends and extended family in a big wedding with over a hundred guests, or you may want just the two of you and a few important others in a gorgeous intimate wedding ceremony.....


Whatever your reason for looking into a humanist wedding ceremony, and whatever style of wedding you prefer, you can guarantee that your ceremony will be beautiful, warm. memorable, surprising, engaging, meaningful and totally captivating for you and your guests. 


Click here to read some more reviews from my couples!

Rachael Meyer wedding ceremony Grassfield Hall
Outdoor Wedding at The Bridge Hotel.JPG
Inclusivity and Diversity


Love is love. It's what holds us together as humans. We are diverse. Let's celebrate that. Whatever spiritual or religious belief you and your families hold; whatever shape, size, age, gender, sexual orientation, ability, ethnicity you define yourself as (if any) and however blended your family is, the wedding ceremonies I write and deliver are a wonderful, special and totally inclusive way to mark, celebrate and remember one of the most important days in your lives. It's a day of togetherness.


"The ceremony was an absolute success and so meaningful to us both, it suited us as a couple down to the ground. I’m so grateful to Rachael for doing an incredible job and I would 100% recommend her without reservation - what a wonderful thing to be able to do for others on the most special day of their lives. Dave and I can’t thank you enough. A star!"

- Ruth and Dave, Harrogate wedding

How Do I Book You?

Have a look around my website, ping me an email or pick up the phone. Jump on board. You're going to love it!

Humanist wedding ceremony with sand blending ritual at Ripley Castle, Yorkshire.jpg

“Thank you for putting together and delivering our ceremony – it was perfect for us and we absolutely loved it. It was the best way to kick off the day and was everything we wanted it to be.” 


Laura and Karl – Ripley Castle wedding

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